Thank You District 7
For Honoring Me with Your Vote for Pinellas County School Board!

Dear Family, #Team Jackson, Friends, and Supporters, I am eternally grateful to my family, #Team Jackson, friends, and all supporters who contributed their time, donations, and well wishes during the campaign process. As a first time candidate in any political race and starting so late in May, I am proud of our team’s accomplishments.

The success of our students in Pinellas County Schools will depend on School Board members who make decisions that are data driven and student focused. While the outcome of the Primary Election on August 18th was not as we hoped to achieve, the voters in District 7 have made their final decision.

I spoke with both Caprice Edmond and Karl Nurse. I wished them well as they move into the final phase of the election process.



A school board member with a vested interest in the success of all schools, especially those rated as under performing, is of the utmost importance as we work collaboratively to improve K-12 education in Pinellas County.

I will bring to the board over 30 years of service as an educator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. More specifically, my educational background and experience as a Teacher, School Counselor, Principal and Professor at the collegiate level have uniquely prepared me with the knowledge and skills required to bridge options for those seeking college, a career and beyond.

I am the best candidate and I am asking for your vote so that I can advocate for the needs of our most struggling scholars and for all students.  I believe a focused agenda, my commitment, strong work ethic and leadership skills as an educator will support the attainment of the district’s vision – 100% student success.   

Students First: Excellence, Equity, and Engagement Focused!